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The construction of industrial sites dedicated to energy requires complex and multi-partner involvement bringing together municipalities, targeted land, investors and operators. In order to seek maximum efficiency in our projects, we integrate, from feasibility studies, the search for a reduction in our carbon impact, the integration of renewable energy production and the recovery of fatal calories.

Our projects are studied to highlight common interests, with a long-term vision of territorial issues. The profitability of a project must be studied on a macroscopic and community scale.


Energy efficiency

Our projects integrate the need to combine solutions to optimize the electricity consumption of buildings using renewable energies (photovoltaic panels, geothermal energy, recovery of fatal calories for heating public equipment, etc.). Electric energy coming from French nuclear power plants (60% of national production) makes it possible to guarantee “low carbon” electricity.

Urban integration

Our projects are initiated in association with town halls, integrating their energy needs and their geopolitical, urban and human constraints (development of urban plans integrating the needs of the city).

Technological choices

Our technological proposals combine the expectations of the cities hosting our projects with the most efficient technical solutions adapted to the site. Cooling energy-intensive servers should favor “water-cooling” or “immersion-cooling” equipment. These types of cooling associated with plate exchangers make it possible to supply district heating or public facilities (swimming pools, schools, gymnasiums, etc.)

Sovereignty and security

Our projects meet active and passive safety needs. Data center sites meet the “third three” classification, at a minimum. Establishments in France make it possible to strengthen national sovereignty, the choice of land must meet environmental requirements, without known natural risks.

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